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Because you deserve the finest blends

We also offer a wide range of coffee beans, capsules and pods from the best Arabica and Robusta varieties, as well as organic blends. All our coffee is selected and shipped directly from the countries of origin, including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Cameroon and the Congo. Once it reaches the city of Trieste, it is evaluated by the recognized authorities and receives its attestation of guarantee of quality.

Mokanero Rosso – Carefully selected blend of 100% Arabica beans, light roasted to maintain the subtlety of the inherent aromas and flavours. This blend is characterized by a smooth creaminess with low acidity. Available in 1 kg packs.

Mokanero Blu – 100% Arabica blend, with characteristic acidity of the best Arabica beans. This variety has a low caffeine content, mild and slightly sweet to the taste and a robust coffee aroma. Available in 1 kg packs.

Mokanero Organic – This exclusive blend originates from certified organic coffee plantations. The relatively small-scale production and growing demand for organic coffee makes this high quality product increasingly popular. Available in 1 kg packs.

Mokanero Domus – A blend specially created to produce a smooth, full-bodied coffee experience. A well-rounded flavour with a satisfying intense aroma makes this a good coffee-lover’s choice. Available in 1 kg packs.